Sunday, 16 May 2010

The wonders of eBay

Monday 9th November

Went to the Wessington pub for lunch. It was the first time I’d been out for something to eat since my birthday. I hope I eat a little more than I did then….

Sadly the pub had changed their menu so our usual ‘ham, eggs and chips’ wasn’t there anymore. We settled for ‘sausage, eggs and chips’, which was just as nice.

Afterwards we went to Makro and I tired out my new gloves. As I was moving around a lot more at home than I was in hospital, my hands were getting sore with gripping the zimmer frame and propelling the wheelchair. John came up with the idea of wearing cycling gloves as they had padded palms. I bought them on eBay on Friday and they arrived that morning. They worked perfectly so I ordered another couple of pairs.

Although I had been using elbow crutches in hospital, the physio’s wouldn’t give me a pair to take home with me as I hadn’t had much practice on them. A referral would be made for me to be assessed to start using them again, and I would be notified of this by post. The referral letter arrived that morning. Someone would be coming out to see me in six months time !!!

I decided to take matters into my own hands so ordered a pair of brand new crutches (even better ones than they had in hospital) on eBay for £15.

Had a phone call from Mary to say she had been discharged from hospital. Like me, she was over the moon to be home.

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