Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Decision day

Monday 15th December 2009

I had an appointment to see Kermit that afternoon, where I would have to give him my decision regarding the future of my hip.

John had to take a half day off work as there was no way I could get to the hospital on my own. Felt very guilty about him having to use his annual leave like this. As usual we couldn’t get parked so John dropped me off, then went home to wait for me ringing him.

When I arrived at ‘waiting area two’ there was a message saying that Kermit was running 45 minutes late - turned out to be two hours…

Shortly before I was due to see him I needed the loo desperately, so asked an auxiliary nurse where the disabled loos were, and could she make Kermit aware of where I had gone, in case my name was called.

It was my first time using a disabled loo, and you could tell who ever designed them wasn’t in a wheelchair !!!! Whilst I was in the loo I rang John to let him know that I was running a little later than planned.

I finally got to see Kermit at 4.38pm. He explained that he had had a chat with the plastic surgeon regarding my hip.
“That’s good”, I said, “as I’ve decided I’d like a new hip. That is if you’re willing to do it”.
“Oh yes”, he said, getting excited, “I really do love complex cases and yours will be in the top 10 of complicated”.
“That’s not to say I’m not capable of doing it”, he stressed, “it’s just that with you, there’s a lot more going on than with an ordinary hip replacement patient”.
“I’d like to see you again in two months”, he continued, “by which time an appointment could have come through for you to see the plastic surgeon”.

He then moved onto the subject of the infection. Looking through my notes, he said, “it is coming down, but not as quickly as I would have liked. I’d like you to have another blood test today. If the count is coming down, that great. If not, then I’d like to bring you back in to hospital so we can do more tests”.
“What kind of tests”, I said, not relishing the idea of going back into hospital.
“It’s nothing to worry about”, he replied, trying to reassure me, “we’ll take some fluid from your hip cavity. Test to see what germs are there, then give you antibiotics”.

I would be keeping my fingers firmly crossed that I didn’t have to go back into hospital.
“Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in two months”, he said.

By the time I got to the nurses dressing room it was after five o’clock.
“Come in”, said the nurse, “what can I do for you”.
“Blood test”, I replied, handing her the slip that Kermit had given me, “I must warn you that I don’t have very good veins”.
The nurse looked at my arms, “I see what you mean”, she said, pressing to find a vein.
She then looked at the clock., “I haven’t got time to mess around finding a suitable vein”, she said, “I’m taking my granddaughter to the pantomime tonight after work and you’ll make me late. I’ll get someone else to do it”.
Charming !!

She went off to find another nurse, who on looking at my veins, said she wasn’t going to do it either.

“Thanks a lot”, I said, “what am I, a leper or something”.

Another nurse who was willing to take some blood from me was eventually found.
“You’re brave”, I said to her, “everyone else seems to be avoiding me”.
She smiled, “I’m used to problem veins”.
She had a look at my arms, “all it requires is a small needle”, she said, “I don’t know what all the fuss was about”.

Neither did I…

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  1. Gets worse, Sweetie. I know that frightening thing of needing the loo and terrified of missing your name being called.

    Sounds like you finally got a good nurse xxx


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