Friday, 14 May 2010

Catching up

Friday 6th November 2009

The redness on my hip was really going down, so I was really pleased about that.

My skin was still very itchy (never did get the moisturiser that was supposed to have been prescribed to me when I was in hospital) so took some Piriton and lathered myself in loads of moisturiser that I bought from Morrisons the day before.

Margaret, one of the district nurses from our GP surgery, popped into see me. Kermit had asked that they visit me to see how my wound was getting on. The last time I saw Margaret was in the treatment room the day I was admitted into hospital so I had lots to tell her.

After lunch we went shopping for a new pair of slippers. The pair I had in hospital were stained of blood from the many times my wound had leaked on them, and I couldn’t fit into my old pair as my feet were still swollen.

As it was Friday it was wine and pizza night. Two pizzas in three days – sure beats hospital food any day !!!!

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  1. Sounds a bit more On The Up, sweetie. Will go back and read your previous post too.

    Thoughts are with you xxxx


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