Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Monday 23rd November 2009

Now that I was trying to be as mobile as I could, I was starting to get more and more frustrated.

Everything now takes longer to do. Something as simple as getting up from the sofa would takes a few minutes to do, whereas before it would have been seconds.

My shoulders, arms and hands ached with having to use the crutches and my arms were covered in bruises from the crutches.

As I needed to use both hands to walk or stand, I wasn’t able to carry even the simplest of things like an onion or a can of coke. Thank goodness for pockets !!!!

I felt really guilty having to ask John to do lots of things for me because I couldn’t. I knew he didn’t mind but I did.

Not being able to do anything really made me think that the option of major hip surgery was the only way to go.

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