Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hippy Christmas

Christmas Day 2009

I was determined my hip wasn’t going to spoil Christmas day. So rather than moan and complain that I couldn’t do anything, which I had been doing for a while, I simply got on with it.

One of my surprise presents from John was a MP4 player. This would come in very handy when I next go into hospital as I would be able to watch some of my DVD’s.

While John went to collect my mam (it was our turn to have her this year), I tried to make a start on preparing the lunch.

Mam had been banished to a chair in the corner of the kitchen as John and myself (well mainly John) made lunch. She would have just taken over otherwise...

Mary rang that evening so we had a lovely Christmas chat.

I went to bed a happy and contented person. I’d had a great day and hardly gave my hip a second thought.

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