Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The mother of all wee-wee disasters

Monday 22nd March 2010

I had been putting off going to the loo for a while. I knew I shouldn’t do it but my back wasn’t so good so I wanted to do as little movement as possible.

The phone rang and it was Mike who I hadn’t heard from for a while. As he had taken time out to ring and find out how I was getting on, I didn’t want to abruptly end the call by saying I needed the loo.

Forty minutes later and the call was finished. By this time I was bursting for the loo and kept shouting at the stair lift to ‘HURRY UP !!!!!

I got half way into the bathroom when I could hold on no longer. It was coming whether I was ready or not…

As my jogger bottoms and knickers were already soaked, it seen pointless to drop them, so I just plonked myself down on the loo seat fully clothed and let it happen.

Will I learn my lesson and not wait until the very last minute – I doubt it !!!!

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