Monday, 7 June 2010

Doctor, doctor

Wednesday 24th February 2010

The strong painkillers that Kermit prescribed for me weren’t really doing very much. I could either suffer or get something even stronger from my GP. However getting to my GP’s surgery wasn’t going to be easy.

Their opening hours didn’t fit in with John’s work times and I really didn’t want him to take yet another half day just for a doctors appointment.

Having explained my predicament to one of the doctors receptionist, she offered to have a word with my GP to see if she could either just prescribe something or do a consultation over the phone.

Just after 5pm the phone went and it was my GP. As it was the first time she’d spoken to me since I was admitted to hospital, she asked how I was getting on. I then explained about my back.

“The painkillers you’re on at the moment are one of the best around for back pain”, she said, “so I think you should stay with them. I’ll prescribe another painkiller from the same family as what you’re taking now. This one is a slow releasing painkiller, used in conjunction with the other one”.
“See how you get on with them over the weekend”, she continued, “and I’ll give you a ring on Monday.

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