Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day 25 – Could my prayers have been answered

Saturday 3rd October 2009

I woke to find that my wound hadn’t been leaking which was brilliant news. Perhaps my pleading to ‘Him upstairs’ and my Guardian Angel worked last night.

John, the young auxiliary nurse, came to change the sheets on my bed. Following his blushing yesterday I got the impression that he was quite timid among women. I started to chat with him, hoping he would over come his shyness. After all it was a mixed ward so he did have to come into contact with women. We chatted about what sport he liked and he asked to have a look at my cross stitch.

He then decided to open up and tell me about himself. He was just nineteen; this was his very first job and he’d only started two weeks ago; he didn’t do well at school as he was lazy and found studying boring. He then volunteered to tell me about his love life - he had just split up with his girlfriend, which he was upset about it, and wanted her back. I just wanted to put my arms around him and give him a cuddle….

I managed to walk back from the loo by myself that afternoon. A lady in one of the women’s bay’s had taken a heart attack and as all the nurses were busy dealing with her, I thought it was a little selfish to get one of them to escort me back to my room. It was a little scary but I did it.

When I was given my medication (they had finally agreed to let me start taking oral antibiotics) I realised that I hadn’t been given one of the high calorie drinks. Was I to mention it or say nothing. I knew they were for my own good, but there really was a limit to what I could take, so decided not to say anything…

I also didn’t mention that I hadn’t had my anti-DVT injection. They really did hurt and my stomach was quite black and blue as each one left a bruise.

Thankfully my arms and hands were now slowing not resembling pin cushions as most of the bruising and swelling were going down. I used to have no problem with my veins – I used to give blood and never had any bother there – however, now, as soon as a needle comes near me they hide.

Can’t say I blame them !!!!

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