Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Knock on wood

Thursday 22nd September 2011

I had a phone call from the 'Hand' physio. Could she come tomorrow at 9am to fit the wrist strapping to my hand. Happy with that.

Had a visit from two physios from the neuro-physio department.

Boy, it was like pulling teeth explaining to them what my problem was. It took 45 minutes for the penny to drop – no hip and back pain means can't move around very much, which means not burning calories, which means putting on weight.

Once it had finally sunk in as to what the problem was they were great. They showed me some more exercise I could do with my weights and gym ball.

They're going to arrange for me to attend the neuro-gym for some intensive physio.  I'll have to suffer the indignity of going thereby ambulance (or patient transfer service as it's called now).

Oh I can't wait !!!

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