Saturday, 13 October 2012

Typical Mam

Friday 29th July 2011

My low moods were still getting me down, however I was trying my best not to burst into tears.

My Mam asked me when I was next at the doctors.

“I go on Wednesday”, I replied.

“Is she going to change your tablets”, she asked.

“I’m not sure”, I said, my voice changing pitch as I was trying to stop myself from crying.

“What’s the matter”, she enquired.

“It’s my moods”, I said, tears now streaming down my cheeks, “I’m feeling so low at the moment”.

My Mam looked at me then snapped, “cheer up, will you !!”.

Thanks Mam….

Later that afternoon when we were chatting away about something my Mam said, “I don't know how to say this as you'll just start crying again...”

Great one for compassion is my Mam. I never did get to know what it was that would have made me cry again......

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  1. Oh yeah, my mum would just say "what you crying for?" or that cheer up thing. Old school isn't always good.

    Hope things get better, Marie x


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