Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 9 - MRI result

Thursday 17th September 2009

Once again yet another horrendous night with my back. The new painkillers weren’t strong enough. All I seemed to be doing was asking for them every two hours. I was pretty sure the night staff were sick of me buzzing them.

I needed to go to the loo during the night. There was no way I would be able to walk there unaided so I buzzed one of the nurses to help me.

With the exception of one, Kay, who was lovely, all the night nurses on the ward were awful. They were never pleasant and had a bit of an attitude. Two of them arrived and weren’t very happy when I told them I needed help to get to the loo.

Once again I had to explain that I was in a lot of pain with my back which was why I needed help. It seemed no matter how many times I told them, they took no notice.

One of the nurses grabbed my arm and spun me round sharply. I yelled out in agony yet it didn’t concern her that she had really hurt me. The other nurse turned her and asked “what can she do”.

“If you ask me, I’ll tell you”, I replied furiously.

Kermit called in to see me just after breakfast and explained the results of the MRI scan on my back. The good news was the infection hadn’t spread to my lower back. The bad news was I had a displaced disk at the base of my spine. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it, it would go back into place eventually.

The cold sores on my eye were gradually going down. I wasn’t very pleased because if they had given me the Zovirax on Tuesday, there would have been a good chance that the ointment would have stopped them from appearing.

Karl, one of the Charge nurses, was impressed with how my eye was coming along.
“That’s all thanks to my work”, he boasted, “who knows what it would have been like if I hadn’t acted fast on Tuesday”.
“Sorry to disappoint you”, I said, “but the Zovirax you ordered never turned up. Mr Green had to arrange this yesterday. Had the original one arrived, my eye would have been fine”.

Poor Karl. I really spoilt his day….


  1. Just catching up on the last few posts. Please, please tell me you put in an official complaint about some of these unfeeling, incompetant morons...


  2. This may come as a huge shock but I didn't. It actually never occurred to me to do so.

    What you have read, and will be reading later as the days progress, is just normal in the NHS.

    It takes a lot more than that to upset the Customer from Hell...


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